Monday, January 31, 2011

Win Your Money Back Contest - Feb 7th


It's official! Our FIRST money back contest is starting soon! Please visit the CONTEST PAGE to participate. Voting starts on Feb. 7th and will run for two weeks. 

Here is how it works:
1. Email one photo of your wall decal to
2. We will post your picture on our Contest Page
3. Contest will run for 2 weeks and everybody votes for their favorite picture!
4. Picture with the most "Likes" wins.
5. Winner receives a full refund for their order :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make Your Child’s Bedroom a Reflection of their personality

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where you find comfort and relaxation after a long day. Consider this to be true even for your child. It is a place that your child grows up and daydreams. It is a place they feel welcome and cherished with bedtime stories and many nights of comfort by their beloved parents.

That is why I cannot stress to you enough of the importance of creating a ‘haven’ for your little one. This added peacefulness and serene environment will lead to an emotionally healthy and calmer baby. When your baby gets fussy, the first place you may take him or her is to their crib or toddler daybed.  You may rock your baby in a rocking chair as they gaze upon their walls and become familiar with their surroundings.
Create an atmosphere that your child loves, but one that fits with their personality. Is your daughter as sweet and pixie-like as a beautiful fairy?  Perhaps a wall decal depicting angels or fairies will be just the right décor for her room. Is your little boy an energetic ball of enthusiasm?  For those ‘go-go-go’ babies, maybe a monkey theme would be fitting.  Does your baby love nature and feel stimulated by the outdoors?  The birds and trees nursery décor could make your baby very happy and comfortable.  Or if your baby is more of a thinker, then the jungle animals and other imaginative animals may be suited for mental stimulation.

What personality type is your baby? 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Facebook Fan Page + New Contest

Have you joined us yet on Facebook? 

We’re feeling inspired here at Surface Inspired and that’s because we’ve acquired so many new friends and fans who are raving over these creative wall decals. For children and nurseries, these wall decals ‘inspire’ imagination and creativity.  What are your kid’s favorite characters?  We’ve heard from some who love monkeys and elephants; others who love birds and butterflies.

Surface Inspired has become so popular with the kids and parents that we’ve decided to run yet another contest.  This one will be for the "most inspiring wall decal design" that we don’t currently have.  Just to let you know, we do have a really great designer who can come up with many fantastic resemblances of whatever you can imagine, so if you’d like to enter the contest and try to win your very own “inspiring” decal then please find us on Facebook and submit your ideas by Feb 15th.

Post your ideas on our Facebook Fan Page. Then encourage your friends and family to vote. This is in addition to the other contest we’re running: Win Your Money Back Contest . Whoever the lucky winner is will receive a FREE DECAL with their unique design.

So, we can’t wait to see your inspiring ideas!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Monkey Wall Decals for Your Little Monkey!

Is your baby a little monkey? You’re not alone!  Our little boy loves to climb, jump and bounce just like a little monkey and he never sits still for more than a minute. A monkey theme for the bedroom is an excellent design for those busy little babies (like ours).

When you pick out a monkey decal, the choice can lead to other things that match and make the room come together creatively. You can pick up some of the shades of the tree or the birds, or the tan of the monkey’s face to make the room come together perfectly. What’s so nice about the monkey themed bedroom is that you can find some really cute bedding and decorations to accompany the design.  Our baby has a comforter that has a monkey, giraffe, elephant and zebra.  You will find cute baby bedding at BabyBeddingMarket or on baby sites that have “themes” such as jungle themes.  

Our baby also enjoyed a mobile (and still does) that hangs over the crib or the diaper changing station.  He still stares at it and daydreams as the animals spin around over his head and play a memorable song.  It’s amazing how he never tires of the jungle animals and already daydreams about catching the “monkey” by his toes.  In fact, I often wonder if our baby thinks he is a monkey himself!

Even the changing table and crib will be easy to coordinate with the decal and the whole room will be coordinated with a fun theme.  Your baby and family are sure to love the monkeys as much as we do!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Win Your Money Back Contest

Win Your Money Back is a contest hosted exclusively to our current customers. To participate, just send in a picture of your new wall decal and we will add you to our monthly contest.

On the 1st of every month, pictures that were submitted will be displayed on our fan page and anybody can vote. We will run the contest for 3 weeks and the person with the most "Likes" to their picture wins ALL Their Money Back for the order. A full refund, including shipping charges will be returned to the winner!

To participate, send in one photograph to

Our first contest will start February 1st. Make sure to send in your photos before Jan. 31st to participate!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Facebook Page Setup

Welcome to Surface Inspired, where we feel “inspired” to provide the most imaginative designs in children’s décor and more!  Based upon our highly popular Surface Flik website, our idea was to create an extension of the very colorful, convenient and artistic wall decals that we offer to decorate your home.

In case you’re tuning in for the first time, our decals are super simple to put on any wall and will instantly transform a boring room into one that is magical and creative.  They’re great for anyone with a home or business, but especially nice for all the renters out there who are not allowed to paint over those dull white walls.  These wall decals just stick on.  How easy is that?

We already have a lot of friends and fans on our new Facebook page.  Look us up to stay in touch!  Join our Facebook Page!

To kick things off, we’ll be running a contest exclusive to our customers for the most adorable kid’s room that is decorated with Surface Inspired decals! Just send in one photo of the room and we'll post it on our Facebook Fan Page. Anybody can vote, so encourage your friends to give you the most votes so you can win!  And the fans will dictate the winner.  The photo that has the most "Likes" wins. 

We will run the contest for one week and the winner will receive a full refund for the purchase :)

All you have to do send in one picture of your adorable kid’s room sporting one Surface Inspired decal and get the most likes, and you will be the winner. Good luck!  And stay tuned for more.