Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recommended Book – Nursery Style Book

On Surface Inspired, we like to highlight occasional books that we feel good recommending.  In this case, we found a gem entitled “Nursery Style” by Serena and Lily.
The look of the book itself, using a minimalistic all white cover, is softly inviting.  However, the best thing about any book is its contents, and this one is loaded with boundary-breaking ideas to create totally unique nurseries.  Each chapter is dedicated to a particular theme, which you can then embellish to mix and match color choices by using different fabrics, accessories, colors, characters and more to create a wonderland in your child’s bedroom.
The images and wording is sophisticated, with dignified fonts and a stylish way of displaying the images. 

Some of the themes within the Nursery Style book include: eclectic, vintage, modern, traditional, and many others that can even be made on a tight budget. They also address storage functions for baby clothes and toys, as well as safety and ultimate comfort.
Surface Inspired gives this book thumbs up!  Check it out for yourself on Amazon, as well:

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