Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make Your Child’s Bedroom a Reflection of their personality

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where you find comfort and relaxation after a long day. Consider this to be true even for your child. It is a place that your child grows up and daydreams. It is a place they feel welcome and cherished with bedtime stories and many nights of comfort by their beloved parents.

That is why I cannot stress to you enough of the importance of creating a ‘haven’ for your little one. This added peacefulness and serene environment will lead to an emotionally healthy and calmer baby. When your baby gets fussy, the first place you may take him or her is to their crib or toddler daybed.  You may rock your baby in a rocking chair as they gaze upon their walls and become familiar with their surroundings.
Create an atmosphere that your child loves, but one that fits with their personality. Is your daughter as sweet and pixie-like as a beautiful fairy?  Perhaps a wall decal depicting angels or fairies will be just the right décor for her room. Is your little boy an energetic ball of enthusiasm?  For those ‘go-go-go’ babies, maybe a monkey theme would be fitting.  Does your baby love nature and feel stimulated by the outdoors?  The birds and trees nursery décor could make your baby very happy and comfortable.  Or if your baby is more of a thinker, then the jungle animals and other imaginative animals may be suited for mental stimulation.

What personality type is your baby? 

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