Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Facebook Page Setup

Welcome to Surface Inspired, where we feel “inspired” to provide the most imaginative designs in children’s décor and more!  Based upon our highly popular Surface Flik website, our idea was to create an extension of the very colorful, convenient and artistic wall decals that we offer to decorate your home.

In case you’re tuning in for the first time, our decals are super simple to put on any wall and will instantly transform a boring room into one that is magical and creative.  They’re great for anyone with a home or business, but especially nice for all the renters out there who are not allowed to paint over those dull white walls.  These wall decals just stick on.  How easy is that?

We already have a lot of friends and fans on our new Facebook page.  Look us up to stay in touch!  Join our Facebook Page!

To kick things off, we’ll be running a contest exclusive to our customers for the most adorable kid’s room that is decorated with Surface Inspired decals! Just send in one photo of the room and we'll post it on our Facebook Fan Page. Anybody can vote, so encourage your friends to give you the most votes so you can win!  And the fans will dictate the winner.  The photo that has the most "Likes" wins. 

We will run the contest for one week and the winner will receive a full refund for the purchase :)

All you have to do send in one picture of your adorable kid’s room sporting one Surface Inspired decal and get the most likes, and you will be the winner. Good luck!  And stay tuned for more.

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