Sunday, January 23, 2011

Facebook Fan Page + New Contest

Have you joined us yet on Facebook? 

We’re feeling inspired here at Surface Inspired and that’s because we’ve acquired so many new friends and fans who are raving over these creative wall decals. For children and nurseries, these wall decals ‘inspire’ imagination and creativity.  What are your kid’s favorite characters?  We’ve heard from some who love monkeys and elephants; others who love birds and butterflies.

Surface Inspired has become so popular with the kids and parents that we’ve decided to run yet another contest.  This one will be for the "most inspiring wall decal design" that we don’t currently have.  Just to let you know, we do have a really great designer who can come up with many fantastic resemblances of whatever you can imagine, so if you’d like to enter the contest and try to win your very own “inspiring” decal then please find us on Facebook and submit your ideas by Feb 15th.

Post your ideas on our Facebook Fan Page. Then encourage your friends and family to vote. This is in addition to the other contest we’re running: Win Your Money Back Contest . Whoever the lucky winner is will receive a FREE DECAL with their unique design.

So, we can’t wait to see your inspiring ideas!

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