Friday, January 21, 2011

New Monkey Wall Decals for Your Little Monkey!

Is your baby a little monkey? You’re not alone!  Our little boy loves to climb, jump and bounce just like a little monkey and he never sits still for more than a minute. A monkey theme for the bedroom is an excellent design for those busy little babies (like ours).

When you pick out a monkey decal, the choice can lead to other things that match and make the room come together creatively. You can pick up some of the shades of the tree or the birds, or the tan of the monkey’s face to make the room come together perfectly. What’s so nice about the monkey themed bedroom is that you can find some really cute bedding and decorations to accompany the design.  Our baby has a comforter that has a monkey, giraffe, elephant and zebra.  You will find cute baby bedding at BabyBeddingMarket or on baby sites that have “themes” such as jungle themes.  

Our baby also enjoyed a mobile (and still does) that hangs over the crib or the diaper changing station.  He still stares at it and daydreams as the animals spin around over his head and play a memorable song.  It’s amazing how he never tires of the jungle animals and already daydreams about catching the “monkey” by his toes.  In fact, I often wonder if our baby thinks he is a monkey himself!

Even the changing table and crib will be easy to coordinate with the decal and the whole room will be coordinated with a fun theme.  Your baby and family are sure to love the monkeys as much as we do!

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  1. Can you email me and let me know where I can get the top decals from???